We all could do with a helping hand when it comes to organising our annual tax return so to help you get your tax completed as quickly as possible, we have put together the following lists.

While the ATO makes some of this information available, bringing in your own details ensures things are correct and reduces the possibility of any delays. It also helps us ensure your ATO substantiation requirements are in order, giving you greater peace of mind.

If your situation isn’t covered in the below check list, please bring in all details you have to discuss it further with your accountant.

Importantly, always remember to bring in your bank details (your BSB & account numbers), as without these, we are unable to lodge your return.

  • PAYG Payment Summaries
  • Your BSB and Account number for any refund – Something we need before we can lodge your return
  • Bank interest statement (you can get this through online banking)
  • Employee share plan tax statement
  • Receipts for items purchased for work
  • Receipts if you made donations to charities
  • If you’re new to Power2, last year’s accounting fees
  • Details of your partners income, including salary sacrifice and investment losses
  • Private Health Insurance Tax Statement
  • Income Protection tax summary (if held outside of super)
  • Details of extra super contributions or money withdrawn from super
  • Details of your income
  • Details of expenses for the business
  • Property manager statement (or total income if rented privately)
  • Bank statements for investment mortgage – Interest charges and bank fees
  • Council rates and water charges
  • Insurance
  • Body corporate fees
  • Details of repairs and maintenance carried out (each invoice)
  • All other expenses for the property
  • Depreciation report
  • Contract and settlement statement of property purchase
  • Details of when you first used the property as a rental
  • If you’re new to Power2 – Last year’s rental property schedule
  • Contract for purchase and sale of property
  • Settlement statements for purchase and sale of property
  • If you’re new to Power2 – Last year’s rental property schedule and depreciation report
  • Details of other properties you owned, including if you lived in them and how long they were rented.
  • Dividend statements for all shares (or an old statement for shares that didn’t pay a dividend)
  • Managed fund annual tax statement
  • Details of any expenses for investments, including financial planner fees
  • Interest on investment loans
  • Contract documents for purchases and sales of shares
  • Full transaction history of managed fund