So, are you a cat person or a dog person?

What is Australia’s most popular pet, how many homes have one and how much do they cost us?

All is revealed in the following Pet infographic from Moneysmart’s website.

02/08/2018 by the Power2 team

Well there you have it! 

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Pet ownership in Australia¹

$12.2 billion spent on pet products and services in 2016

Who owns pets? – 3 in 5 households

What type?

  • 38% dogs
  • 29% cats
  • 12% fish
  • 12% birds
  • 9% Another animal (rabbit, reptile, guinea pig, etc.)

To own or not to own¹

Main reasons why Aussies get a pet

  • Companionship
  • Teaching kids responsibility
  • Relaxation
  • Security

Main reasons why Aussies don’t get a pet

  • Home or lifestyle not suitable
  • Cost
  • Strata/body corp rules
  • Responsibility

The truth about cats and dogs¹

Average dog costs*

  • Food: $622
  • Vet care: $397
  • Health products: $248
  • Grooming: $129
  • Boarding: $86

Cost per year: $1,475

Average cat costs*

  • Food: $576
  • Vet care: $273
  • Health products: $159
  • Grooming: $45
  • Boarding: $80

Cost per year: $1,029

Average fish costs*

  • Food: $15
  • Accessories: $20

Cost per year: $50

Average bird costs*

  • Food: $55
  • Accessories: $22

Cost per year: $115

*Selected average yearly ongoing costs of an animal owning household, per animal. Other products and services have not been included in the chart.

Pet ownership in Australia (continued)

Pet insurance

Number of owners that have pet insurance¹

  • 1 in 4 dog owners
  • 1 in 5 cat owners

Average yearly cost of pet insurance¹**

  • Dog owners: $293
  • Cat owners: $246

Things you should know about pet insurance

  • Not always available for older pets (7-9 years and older)
  • Higher premiums for certain breeds
  • May not cover desexing, dental, routine check-ups and vaccinations
  • You pay the vet bill up front, get reimbursed by the insurer and pay an excess

Top 5 things that cats and dogs eat that makes them sick²

Menu du Jour:

  • Underwear
  • Decorative stones
  • Socks
  • String and dental floss
  • Butter

**Average yearly cost of animal owning household who have paid for pet insurance. Figures calculated by Animal Medicines Australia based on 2016 report data.

Think about the costs before you get a furry friend

Check out our pet expenses list for your upfront costs for a new pet.


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